Take center stage with your talent

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Showcase your value

Describe yourself with a video and show work samples, reviews, and ratings, besides your plain ol' résumé.

Get great jobs!

Jobs 'n' Gigs is home to companies that do exciting work and value a trusted environment, just like you do!

Avail flexible engagement models

Work as a W2 contractor or incorporate a small business. You can also work full-time or part-time, at the office or telecommute — it is between you and the customer.

Get the lion's share of your billing

You can specify and negotiate your own rates directly with the customer, and receive 90-95%of your billing due to our low markups!

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Hire the best contractors, on demand!

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Access talent directly

Search for contractors and review their video, education and training certificates, résumé, and past performance through work samples, ratings, and references with verified credentials.

Get the most bang for your buck!

With our extremely low markups of just 5% for prepaid and 10% for postpaid engagement, you spend less, and your contractors earn more! This directly translates to happy contractors who work with great zest for you!

Engage easily

Besides direct access to a curated list of the best contractors in the market, your engagement with Jobs 'n' Gigs entails fair contractual terms, convenient and secure payment options, supreme hiring flexibility, and plenty of other benefits loved by recruiters around the globe.

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...and all of this with total transparency!

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Know each other and the engagement

Customers get all relevant information on contractors, including verified references, ratings, certifications, résumé, and portfolio, while contractors can see ratings and reviews of customers along with all important contract details before engaging.

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See billing and transaction details

Contractors get to know what we billed for their work, whereas customers know how much of the billing was passed on to the contractors, and both contractors and customers know how much we charged for our services.

After all, it's what makes Jobs 'n' Gigs the most trusted marketplace to hire contractors!

Feel free to contact us if you have any question — we would be delighted to help you :)

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